August 20, 2012

tapestry ...

I thought I'd better post a tapestry update, so you can see what I'm up to at the moment, and how my first Goth/Deathrock Subculture tapestry is progressing.

I'm currently in my 3rd year of the Diploma Of Tapestry. This year, I'm studying a couple of subjects, as well as having a large tapestry to complete by November.

I'm trying to cram the 'goth/deathrock' theme into as many assignments as possible, so I can come up with possible designs I can use at a later date.

For the large tapestry, I've chosen an image that I've taken from the internet (original photo taken by Ted Polhemus). Here is the small sampler that I completed before starting the large tapestry:

I decided to change the orientation of the tapestry for the final (since it would be easier to weave on its side), so made it a landscape design 50cm high x 72cm long.

Here is what it looks like so far (shown the correct way around!) - I've done around 22cm - only 50 more cm to go!! ;)

The other sampler I have completed recently is this one - not as successful as the first, but I'm still pretty happy with it:

Most of my tapestry updates are on my other blog (Craft For Misfits!), but I will periodically post updates on here too, since it's relevant to the project as a whole.

I'm also thinking of incorporating cross stitch into this project too, since that's my other textile medium of choice. Stay tuned ... and keep those photos coming!

Michelle xxoo

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