November 7, 2013

american tapestry alliance - coda 2013

I'm *SUPER* honoured that my 'Goth Deathrock Subculture No. 1' tapestry has been included on the front cover of the American Tapestry Alliance's 'CODA 2013 - Tapestry Art Today' publication!

Download from the above link, and check out all the other awesome tapestry artists from all over the world!

I can't wait to complete more of this series ... plus another series that I will be documenting here soon ;)

September 5, 2013

start of a new piece ...

This one's a commission for Lana ... 'Goth Deathrock Subculture No. 3 - Homage to Jonny Slut'.

The first stitch is always the hardest:

And starting to fill in the face:

My tapestry loom is a bit tied up with my studies at the moment ... but I will finish off my last piece when it's free ;)

July 21, 2013

'natalie' nearly finished!

I've been slack in updating this blog ... but I haven't been slack with my stitching!

The cross stitch part is finished ... I just have the weave the insert in woven tapestry of her eye - it will be fairly dark to tie in with the darker part at the bottom of the design. 

After cutting off the needlepoint frame, I pinned it on my pinboard just to get an idea of how large I would have to weave the piece - white paper representative of woven tapestry ;)

If the woven tapestry portion doesn't look 'right', I'll either leave it the way it is, or think of something else - sometimes you can't over-plan these things!

April 29, 2013

'women of deathrock' youtube playlist

I thought this image looked familiar!

Check out DJ Poisondwarf's YouTube mix of female-fronted deathrock bands - niiiice ;)

February 13, 2013

progress ...

Getting there ... still trying to decide what to do with the background.

I will be enlarging her eye and weaving it in tapestry to attach to the background - cross stitch was too chunky to get any detail in there!

January 15, 2013

new blog banner and background!

Have you noticed my new blog banner and background?

It's amazing, and it's all been designed for me by the talented Jeski. If you need graphic design services for your blog or business, please get in contact with her!

She's also a fantastic artist - check out my partner Anita's blog header ;)

January 10, 2013

goth deathrock subculture no. 2 - natalie

I'm currently working on a cross stitch of Natalie - here's a progress pic of the cross stitch alongside the image I'm working from:

I've also renamed this blog/project Goth Deathrock Art Project, since I'm not just using woven tapestry (though that's what I originally intended), but also incorporating cross stitch.