July 21, 2013

'natalie' nearly finished!

I've been slack in updating this blog ... but I haven't been slack with my stitching!

The cross stitch part is finished ... I just have the weave the insert in woven tapestry of her eye - it will be fairly dark to tie in with the darker part at the bottom of the design. 

After cutting off the needlepoint frame, I pinned it on my pinboard just to get an idea of how large I would have to weave the piece - white paper representative of woven tapestry ;)

If the woven tapestry portion doesn't look 'right', I'll either leave it the way it is, or think of something else - sometimes you can't over-plan these things!


  1. It looks fantastic, Michelle and I bet Natalie is THRILLED to be immortalized in this project! :D