September 25, 2014

'goth deathrock no. 4 - anita'

'Goth Deathrock No. 4 - Anita' by Michelle Driver
2014 - woven tapestry, wool and linen - 40cm w x 35cm h (15.7" x 13.7")

July 26, 2014

homage to siouxsie no. 1

I did this sampler to brighten up my desk at work ... and have had such a positive response that I have decided to do a few more for sale ;)

Here's one that I have just started:

I will update my progress here, but also check out my Facebook art page ;)

June 28, 2014

progress ...

Progress shot of Goth Deathrock No. 4:

Super stressful weaving faces ... and I think I'm going to have to cut this tapestry in half and make it just of Anita, since I'm running out of time and have to complete another tapestry by November!

But I'm really happy with it so far - even though I had to unpick and re-weave her lips three times ;)

April 28, 2014

'goth deathrock no. 3 - homage to mr slut'

'Goth Deathrock No. 3 - Homage To Mr Slut' by Michelle Driver
2014, cross stitch with wool on canvas - 26cm w x 31.5cm h (10.2" x 12.4")

April 5, 2014

stitching, stitching, stitching ...

I've rolled up the canvas, and am stitching the bottom part now ...

And here's a bonus pic of me working on my tapestry ;)

March 25, 2014

homage to mr. slut ... progress

Getting there!

I've also started my next woven tapestry - here's the 'cartoon', which is the guide picture which lays beneath the warp threads as a guide:

And the beginning of the tapestry - I've rotated the picture so you can see the design:

And a close-up of the detail:

March 3, 2014

beginnings ...

Here is the 'cartoon' for the next tapestry - ie. the image that is placed under the warp to follow while I weave ;)

And the very beginning of the process ... starting to weave the hem!

February 26, 2014

progress ...

Making some progress on this one!

I've finally figured out what to do with the background! - it will be in various shades of purple. 

I'm in my last year of studying Diploma Of Visual Art (Tapestry), and one of my subjects this year is putting an exhibition of work together.  Of course, I'm going to be working on my Goth Deathrock Subculture series ... so this will be part of that too.  It is a commission though, so I will need to photograph it before it heads off to its new home in Sydney ;)

I have 2 exciting woven tapestries planned too!  The first one will be based on the very first photo I posted on this blog - and the second one from the most recent!

I will endeavour to update this blog more often too :P

February 22, 2014