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This page is part of my Diploma Of Visual Art subject, 'Present A Body Of Own Creative Work'.
I have watermarked the images, as in the past they have been used without my permission!

Using the traditional mediums of cross stitch and woven tapestry, I create artworks that are bold and modern, and explore the Goth and Deathrock subcultures around the world.

I am drawn to mediums that are not conventionally found in art galleries – for me, this represents a challenge to push the boundaries of what art is ‘supposed’ to be. A seemingly domestic medium can be transformed into edgy and unconventional art pieces which are both tactile and visually striking.

I have loved Goth and Deathrock music since I was about 15, and this music-based subculture continues to fascinate me. I created my first piece in what has become my ‘Goth Deathrock Art Project’ a couple of years ago, and have been working on this theme ever since. I have created a signature style of predominantly black and white with one added colour to add drama to the work.

I have asked friends to donate images of themselves to be used as part of the Project, which makes the works more personal and gets like-minded people involved in the artworks themselves.

After working in cross stitch for over 10 years, I decided to learn woven tapestry in 2010. I love working with wool, and I love ‘slow art’ which is painstakingly stitched or woven one area at a time. An A4 sized cross stitch, for example, could take around 80 hours to stitch, and since wool is an organic medium and results cannot always be predicted. Woven tapestry is a difficult craft to learn, so for me the technical limitations and complications add another exciting dimension to the act of creating art.

'Goth Deathrock No. 2 - Natalie'
2014 - cross stitch with wool and metallic thread on canvas - 24.5cm w x 26cm h (9.6" x 10.2")


'Goth Deathrock No. 3 - Homage To Mr Slut'
2014, cross stitch with wool on canvas - 26cm w x 31.5cm h (10.2" x 12.4")


(stitching in progress)

'Goth Deathrock No. 4 - Anita'
2014 - woven tapestry, wool and linen - 40cm w x 35cm h (15.7" x 13.7")


(weaving in progress)

'Homage To Siouxsie No. 1'
2014 - cross stitch with wool on canvas -18.5cm w x 22.5cm h (7.2" x 8.8")

'Homage To Siouxsie No. 2'
2014 - cross stitch with wool on canvas - 30.4cm w x 12cm h (11.9″ x 4.7″)

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