wanna be involved?


I invite everyone who reads this to send me their pics! I don't care whether they are old or new - the grittier and less 'professional', the better! I want the essence of Goth and Deathrock, the passion, the DIY values.

I will post all the pics on this website. It is your choice whether you want to remain anonymous, or whether you want your image linked to websites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc.

If I use your design in class exercises and/or tapestries, I will always note where the original image came from (unless you want to remain anonymous). 

What's In It For Me?
The honour of being included!  And some cross-marketing if you so wish.  But no, I can't pay you - this is all on a volunteer basis ;)

All photos and info can be emailed to:  michellethreefold@gmail.com